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Jan 2, 2006

I didn't sign up for this...........

My inspiration for this blog: As I hobble to the bathroom I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Eeekkk I have been relying on sponge baths for the past 5 days, which means I haven’t fully washed my hair since the night before I gave birth to Emma. I still have on the shirt I slept in last night, and am pretty sure I wore it yesterday too. I smell of sour milk, destine, and spit up. The complete lack of sleep, c-section incision, and the pangs of learning to breastfeed are all making my body scream out in agony. I have lost all track of time and can’t remember the last time I ate something besides crackers. As I look up at my reflection in the mirror my tears begin to splash the bathroom counter and I think to myself: I didn’t sign up for this………oh, and try to get your teeth brushed before noon.

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