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May 31, 2009


A - Age: 29 B - Bed size: Queen C - Chore you hate: Dishes D - Dog's name: NO- Dog E - Essential start your day item: Toothpaste F - Favorite color: white G - Gold or Silver: Gold H - Height: 5'6" I - Instruments you play(ed): piano and Bass J - Job Title: Momma K - Kid(s): TWO- Emma (3), Harry (10 months) L - Last movie seen: Slumdog Millionaire M - Mom's name: Sharon N - Nicknames: Momma O - Overnight hospital stay other than childbirth: 3 P - Pet Peeve: Unorganized dishwashers, UN-Purposeful driving, UNATTENDED CHILDREN! Q - Quote from a movie: "its a scramble baby, a big one" R - Right or Left Handed: Right S - Scared of: spiders, fires T - Time you wake up: Somewhere between 6am and 7:30am U - Under the water or Up in the air: Up in the air, I'm too claustrophobic for under the water V - Vegetable(s) you dislike: Beets, Cucumbers, bananas, Mushrooms, Seafood W - Ways you run late: I always misjudge how long it will take to load the kids into the car. X - X-rays you've had: Teeth, Back, Wrist, Abdomen, Chest Y - Yummy food you make: Enchiladas, Pizza, Turkey Burgers, Soup, Guacamole! Z - Zoo favorites: Monkeys, popcorn!

May 29, 2009

Jaguars Love Carrots

My daughter is a huge fan of Diego and loves baby Jaguar. While I was cooking dinner last night she informed me she wanted to be a "Big Girl" Jaguar. I told her that Big Girl Jaguars like to eat carrots with their sharp teeth,,,,,,,,which prompted a carrot eating frenzy at my house. I actually had her begging for vegetables. WOW! She ended up eating about 3 whole carrots!
"Big Girl Jaguar" Growling at the Camera Begging for Carrots..................Getting a Pat on the head Baby Jaguar Harry

May 28, 2009

Antiquing is instant stress relief!

I had a severely unproductive day yesterday and needed a break. So as soon as my husband came home I was out the door with NO kids. I could have run some boring errands, but instead I choose to go to one of my favorite little antique shops here in town. It was a real treat, because as you moms know, you can not successfully take children to antique shops without being willing to purchase everything they break. I mostly strolled around and enjoyed my time alone, but I did manage to find a few lovely things. A few little handkerchief that I hope to turn into an apron, a flag that is the perfect size and color for decorating, and the most lovely thing I found was for my daughter......the High Chair :)

Emma trying to get on the raft

Our family had a BBQ over Memorial weekend and all the kiddo swam. Apparently Emma does not know how to get on a raft!
Harry's First Swimming Suit!

May 27, 2009

Tooth Brushes and Silence!

I just got home from a weekend trip to Nana and Papa's House with my kiddos. I was determined not to bring the whole toy box with us in the car, but still needed a way to survive the 4 hour road trip. On the way up the kids mostly slept, HALLELUJAH! The way back was a different story. They slept for about 1 hour and then wanted to be entertained, and once all the snacks were gone, I was really out of luck. But then, Ah Yes, I remember..........Nana bought them tooth brushes! So I got out the tooth brushes and never heard another peep from either of them. So next time you have to travel, Try Toothbrushes!
So fresh and so clean!
Spectacular Silence!
Using it as a microphone!
Brush brush brush your teeth, brush them all day long, brush them in your car seat, while you sing this song!

Buisness Card Holder

While I was recently in Tulsa, My friend Melissa was gracious enough to help me make some new business cards. When I got home, I realized that I was going to destroy them all if I didn't come up with a place to keep them. Shocking NEWS ALERT: Throwing business cards in the bottom of your purse, ruins them! So I came up with this little holder, I really like it, and most of all my business cards thank me!
I made it just a little wider so I could also fit my coupons in it.

May 18, 2009

FREE Strawberry lip Gloss, SOOO CUTE!

Get free Lip Gloss just for being a Farm Chicks fan! I love this website and they are constantly inspiring me to make my home more lovely. Recently Serena featured some lip gloss from a small locally owned company. Well, they were so excited for the publicity, that they are giving it away to all the Farm Chick Fans! WHOO HOO! Read the Blog entry and scroll down for the info on how to get it! I can't wait to get mine, it's going to be DELISIOUS! Thank you Michelle Williams for this great deal!

Always & Never

I've been tagged!!! By Folk Craft, no less, which is pretty darn rad!! Check out her awesome shop, if you haven't already. It is full of high-fashion, handmade awesomeness, and a couple of vintage finds, too.
So here are the rules...
The tag is ALWAYS & NEVERS • list "5 fashion always-es"• {things you always like or cannot do without}• for you personally• conversely, list "5 fashion nevers"• {things you would not be caught dead in}• for you personally• then tag 3 bloggers
  1. My white gold hoop earrings, I don't leave the house without them, I would feel naked!
  2. Tank tops and flip flops in the summer!
  3. Dr. Pepper
  4. Chapstick! I love Carmex and have recently become a new devote of Burt's Bees
  5. Eyeliner


  1. Spray on Tan
  2. Skinny Jeans
  3. Top Hat
  4. Fur
  5. Mini Skirt
I am tagging: Melissa , Lori, and......Alyssa.

May 17, 2009

10 Things You should know

So I Thought I would make this list for those of you who don't personally know me. Brutal Honesty Here We COME! 10 Things you should know about me: 1: My feet grew a 1/2 size with each pregnancy, eeekkk 2: I'm organized on a ridiculous level, just ask my mother, I drive her NUTS organizing everything from the food I eat to the way I pay for groceries. Hmmm now that I type that, perhaps I should have said I have OCD. 3: I work as an Interior/Exterior home design consultant for a local Construction Company. It's super fun to pick out what other people will be living in. 4: I could eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and never get bored with the possibilities, don't believe me? Ask my husband. Sometimes i think he wishes he could ship me to Mexico just so he could eat some Italian food once in awhile. 5:I have a degree in Bible and one in Psychology 6:I love turning nothing into something, and if i had more time I would hunt through garage sales and thrift stores looking for treasures 7:Jesus Christ saved my life, and He can save yours too! 8:There is nothing more polite then a heartfelt Thank you note, My momma taught me that 9: I'm the worst Mother EVER! Don't believe me? Ask God! Okay so this may be a bit dramatic, but as I was sitting in church last Sunday(mothers day) I was listening to our pastor point out what an honor and privilege it is to be blessed with children. He also made a point to tell us that God trusts us with the children He has given us. Instead of taking that as the compliment it is,,,,, I took it as an insult! If God is so proud to choose me to be a mother, why did he take so many of my kids away.... was I untrustworthy? I have had 6 miscarriages and on Sunday, all I could wrap my thoughts around was that GOD thought I was a bad momma, and I should not have more children. We(me and God) still have arguments about this issue. 10: I never wash my face before going to bed 11: Thanks to Melissa, I have discovered the joy of Burt's Bees Lip Balm, MMMmmmm

May 14, 2009

The simple things in life

Ahhhh so if you think I'm a bit strange, just wait till you hear this:
I keep a bottle of Windex in the, kitchen, garage, every bathroom, and Laundry room. In case you weren't counting,,,,, that's one in almost every room of my house. I was depleting my supply rapidly this week and was starting to get nervous about how low they were all getting,,,,, "Time for a trip to Sam's" I thought. So last night my husband took me and I got my fix. Ahh there is nothing I like to see more then all that fresh Windex waiting to be used!

May 13, 2009

Snap Shots from the Road to Tulsa.

Tulsa was a success! I had a fabulous time doing nothing in particular at all, which is my favorite thing to do. It was nice to touch base with my friend in a relaxed atmosphere where we could be ourselves. She was such a graceful host and I appreciate all the pre-work she put into our visit. The best surprise of all was that our little girls played really well together. Usually they just play around one another but don't interact. This weekend they were actually having conversations. YIPPEE! We also managed to make FELT FOOD!
On the road!
Oklahoma......where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, and the waving wheat smells so sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain.... Emma and Harry Enjoying the swing set,,, Mike might have a summertime project on his hands if he's not careful!
Emma enjoying the tricycle
Ella, Emma and Husdon enjoy throwing the bird seed.
Emma LOVED Ella's Cinderella Microphone, I guess I know what she wants for Christmas.
Being the first up, has it's perks. Emma played with all the pancakes and had coffee with us moms while the other three kids slept.
Hamburger with tomato, lettuce, and Cheese
Pb & J
Ham, Cheese, Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato Lumberjack Breakfast Pancake short stack with syrup and butter

May 8, 2009

Wichita Handmade ETRAVAGANZA!

I am going to bed, I have a big day tomorrow!

May 5, 2009

Tulsa Here I come!

So stinkin' excited! I am anxiously waiting for Thursday morning to get here. I am going to Tulsa to visit my friend Melissa, who is more like a sister. I am looking forward to laughing till my abs hurt and my eyes water, eating great food, and watching all the kiddos play. Most of all I am looking forward to working on our project! We decided to take the plunge and try to make some felt food for our little girls. This giant pile of felt has been staring at me for the last few days. It's just so pretty and I swear it's calling out my name! I tried to make some bacon and eggs and I was pleased with how they turned out. I was glad to try it, because I had to change my stitching quit a bit. I'm so ready to combine our creative minds and find the best way to complete this project. I know our girls with end up with adorable felt food.

May 1, 2009

Rainy Day Doll House

My kiddos are drowning in boredom. It has been raining here for the better part of the week and we haven't gotten out much. When they fell asleep watching cartoons at 8:00am I knew I had to take action!
I saw the diaper boxes sitting by the recycling bin, and it hit me,,,,, DOLL HOUSE! I grabbed some supplies, and our creative minds where instantly in motion!
No Yard is complete with out a feather tree! Emma and Grandma are measuring the floor, Emma informed us, "It is 88 months"
Emma's Raisins and Bible......... The Doll House Raisins and Bible
My Pot Rack....................................... Doll House Pot Rack
I love this picture because she found a picture of a Sonic Apple Juice Slush in a magazine and wanted to put it in the kitchen. So Funny
Her favorite place to put everyone, is the deck.
The item at the bottom of the slide, is an "exersaucer"
She is Hugging the Doll house!
List of items Emma requested, that I didn't have the energy to make: Closet Food Diego Window Sewing Computer Desk Ocean Don't Tell Emma,,,,, While she was napping I let her brother check it out!
And He tore off a feather, oops!
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