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May 29, 2009

Jaguars Love Carrots

My daughter is a huge fan of Diego and loves baby Jaguar. While I was cooking dinner last night she informed me she wanted to be a "Big Girl" Jaguar. I told her that Big Girl Jaguars like to eat carrots with their sharp teeth,,,,,,,,which prompted a carrot eating frenzy at my house. I actually had her begging for vegetables. WOW! She ended up eating about 3 whole carrots!
"Big Girl Jaguar" Growling at the Camera Begging for Carrots..................Getting a Pat on the head Baby Jaguar Harry


Renee[Q][C] said...

HAHA To fun!

Anonymous said...

oh i'm so going to try that with ally! nice!

Anonymous said...

That is too cute! I gotta remember that so I can use that trick on my future child.

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