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Feb 28, 2010

9 Questions with Folk

Nerd, dancer, seamstress extraordinaire
Folk Craft

What is your "Go-To Meal" when you have forgotten to plan dinner?
Ahh...I have an immense love of frozen foods, taquitos and chicken nuggets being among my favorite items. I find that they both pair nicely with a tall glass of pop. Homemade pasta is also great in a pinch, if I haven't forgotten to stock up on the semolina.

Where have you always wanted to travel to?
Rhode Island. Not the most exotic of places, but my uncle lives there and I've never seen it. I've been west but not east and think the ocean would be quite a thing to see. And if you're talking a little more exotic, Ireland.

What is your number one time saving tip?
Stay away from the facebook!!

What do you to to treat yourself?
For me, everyday is kind of a treat so this is hard to answer. I have been trying to save money, so a treat right now would be new crafting supplies, e.g. yarn or spinning fiber. Fluff is expensive.

What piece of advice would you give to a friend?
Although it would depend on the situation, a piece of advice that I find myself giving quite a bit is to NOT WORRY ABOUT IT!!! I have to tell myself this, too. People too often get needlessly worked up about things because they are either taking it too seriously or just being impatient. It will be okay.

Do you clean your own house?
Is this a trick question?! Well, when it gets cleaned, yes. But that is a rare thing...

What was your first job?
Office help at a ceramic mold company: filing papers, keying in numbers, folding things, assembling catalogs.

What one item in your kitchen could not live without?
The sink!! That or the stove. I'm not much of a gadget person and usually end up doing things the old fashion way.

If you only had one day left to craft, what would you make?
Ooooh how horrible! Hmmmm....I would want to go out in a blaze of glory, so something really big and spectacular. And I have so much fabric....maybe some kind of outdoor art installation involving giant patchwork wind sails.


Feb 27, 2010

9 Questions with The Rusted Chain

Wife, blogger, jewelry designer
The Rusted Chain

What is your "Go-To Meal" when you have forgotten to plan dinner?  
Burritos. (I C instant rice cooked for 5 minutes, 1 C salsa, 1 can refried beans, 1 can chili beans, taco seasoning, cheese and tortillas. I always have the stuff for these on hand.)

Where have you always wanted to travel to? 
Lots of places.  As I'm looking at the snow outside, I'm thinking the Caribbean sounds pretty darn nice.

What is your number one time saving tip?
Don't open an email unless you have time to answer it right then.  Otherwise it'll get pushed off, then further and further, then you forget about it, then find it again and become overwhelmed... Not that I know this from experience or anything. *ahem*

What do you to to treat yourself?
I'm pretty easy to please.  Love a smelly good shower product, or a nice hair cut.

What piece of advice would you give to a fellow mother?  
Laugh more than you lecture.

Do you clean your own house?  Yeah. Sort of. With help from my family.

What was your first job?
My first job was as a live window mannequin in a mall.  I worked for free, but got a discount on the clothing in the store.  My first paid job was waiting tables.

What one item in your kitchen could not live without? 
My Pampered Chef stones. I use them every single day.

If you only had one day left to craft, what would you make?
Jewelry! I could crank out a lot of jewelry in a day. I'd make it personalized with my family's names.


Feb 26, 2010

9 Questions with PerryJayne Handmade


What is your "Go-To Meal" when you have forgotten to plan anything for dinner? Green Chili & Cheese enchiladas. I keep everything on hand for these and they can be ready in 25 minutes.  
Where have you always wanted to travel to? Hawaii  
What is your number one time saving tip? Lay out everyone's clothes the night before church or any morning appointment. I'm shocked that if I don't do this, we will be running very behind.  
What do you to to treat yourself? Eat ice cream or drink pop while looking at blogs during the kids naptime.  
What piece of advice would you give to a fellow mother? Try to focus on the big picture. My true calling in life is to raise my children to be loving, compassionate, and responsible people. Taking time to instill our families values in the littlest things throughout the day will ultimately be what shapes who they are...not the projects I made or keeping an immaculate house. 
Do you clean your own house? LOL. Yep, if ANYTHING is clean in this house it's because I cleaned it.  
What was your first job? Babysitting  
What one item in your kitchen could not live without?  
I found out during our last move because I seemed to not find some of my kitchen boxes for awhile. That the only things I needed were one pan, one pot, and a spatula. I was able to make almost anything with just those. Now my FAVORITE kitchen gadget would be my pampered chef chopper. It's fabulous. 
If you only had one day left to craft, what would you make? I'd love to finish the quilt I started for my little baby due in June.

Feb 25, 2010

9 Questions with AlyGatr's Everywhere

AlyGatr's Everywhere

What is your "Go-To Meal" when you have forgotten to plan dinner?
For the kids ...I hate to admit it, but Tyson frozen chicken nuggets. Pop those babies in the oven...pair them up with a fruit or veggie and some kind of rice or pasta side...and we're good. For my hubby and I...baked boneless chicken breasts...a rice or pasta side and a veggie. I know I need to come up with a better "in a pinch" meal for us so I don't have to hear "baked chicken...AGAIN???"

Where have you always wanted to travel to?

Ireland...hands down. I love the accents...I want to see castles...maybe go fairy hunting...and of course, there's the scenery. Someday...SOMEDAY I'll get there.

What is your number one time saving tip?

Take two seconds to put it back where you found it! I see people waste tons of time tearing up the house trying to find misplaced things...not to mention making more work for themselves cleaning up the mess afterward. If you put things where they belong, you always know where they are :)

What do you to to treat yourself?

What is this thing you call "treat myself"?? I don't get to do it often, but occasionally The Man takes the kids out for the morning on a Saturday and I do things like go to the salon and get my haircut, then go to Barnes and Noble near the mall, drink some Starbucks and rifle through the crafting books and magazines. I'm sure the bookstore people are glad I don't do it often...since I rarely buy the things I look through. I'm sure they're thinking "Go to the library you deadbeat. It's less than a half mile away!"

What piece of advice would you give to a fellow mother?

Even though it sounds like a good idea sometimes, don't sell your kids on eBay. Hold on to them, they might be useful someday...possibly even worth something. KIDDING. I have a great piece of advice...but it's one I'm guilty of NOT following myself :) Cut yourself some slack if you don't get it all done every day. There are few things if left undone today that can't be done just as well tomorrow.

Do you clean your own house?

Until I hit the Power-ball...sadly, yes. Do I do it well...depends who you ask. We did have Merry Maids in last week to do an early "spring cleaning". It felt weird to sit here while other people cleaned my house...though, I'm sure in time I could get used to it!!!

What was your first job? I need to relive that?? My senior year in high school I got my first job at...Taco Bell. I have four words for you...brown...polyester...double...knit. Oh and one more...hairnet. BARF. After one day I went home and begged my mom to let me quit. My dad's comeback...until I found a different job I was SOL (OK, so he didn't use those exact words!). Two weeks later I got hired at Sears in the mall...where I worked until I graduated college. I was so scarred I refused to step foot in a Taco Bell for three years...until the tacos called me back...or maybe it was the cinnamon crisps.

What one item in your kitchen could not live without?

My dishwasher. I'm not even sure there's anything in my kitchen that's a close second. Well...maybe the nuker. Yeah...I'm that lazy.

If you only had one day left to craft, what would you make?

OK, that question is not easy peasy!!!! Hmm..............if, on that day, I could get a hold of a metal smith to show me how to do real metal work, I'd make some bitchin ring...maybe something that could have my kids' name on it.


Feb 24, 2010

9 Days, 9 People, 9 Questions

I have chosen 9 of my favorite blogs and asked their respective writers for interviews.
9 Days
9 People
9 Questions

Let the fun begin!
Red Planet
So grab a button, follow along and have some FUN!

Feb 23, 2010

I can't see the charging station

When my husband bought me this lovely Charging Station for Christmas, I don't think this is what he had envisioned. I'm positive he had grand ideas of organized phone chargers and such. But alas, it has become the dumping ground for everything that really doesn't belong anywhere in particular.

Feb 22, 2010

Quotes to Live By

"Smile with your face mom, not the camera" Emma, age 3

"This isn't the zoo!" Husband

"When your hubby never tells you what he wants, sometimes he gets what he doesn't want." Gina Entz

"Forget about what people think and do what works for you" Tyler Ramsey

"Instead of following my dreams, I'm just going to ask them where they are going and catch up with them later" Mitch Hedberg

"Justh ignore them Iris" Ira, Friendship Fields

"Cupcakes are the Devil" Abby, A Feathered Nest

"it's POOP!" My Momma
"But I don't want to use my time wisely" Anna Marie Horner

(referring to Jersey Shore) "I can't get enough of those charming little tool bags" Emily Santos-Silva

WOW! I get to give birth AND change diapers! Anne Taintor

Feb 19, 2010


Sometimes I want to shout at the world "Leave me alone, I'm a GROWN UP". But, the very fact that I want to scream this at times, just solidifies the notion that I am in fact NOT a grown up. This concept works in many ways: If you have to tell people how much power you have, chances are you have very little. If you have to tell people how much money you have, chances are you don't have much. If you have to constantly convince others how smart you are, you probably aren't a smartie. If you spend time trying to act spiritual, you probably need to talk to God a little more (ouch that one hurt) Oh the list could go on and on and on....But I will step off my soap box now. For now I will go on as a child masquerading as a grown up. And like any real grown up would do, when frustrated with life, I grabbed a pair of scissors and took it out on my hair... Oh wait, that is what a child does....

Feb 16, 2010

Easy Peasy $3 necklace

Calling all crafters and NON-CRAFTERS!

This is the easiest and cheapest necklace to make, I promise!


Here are the supplies you need to make a 40 inch necklace.
50 inches of fishing line
100 inches of ribbon (approx 8 ft)
1pkg of bead (When I went into Hobby Lobby all the ribbon and beads were on sale!)

Thread your fishing line into a sewing needle and
start sewing. Leave approx 5-6 inches of both the
fishing line and ribbon on the end. You will use
this at the end to finish your necklace with a bow.
Then start alternating beads and ribbon until you get the desired length you want.

When you get to the end tie the fishing line ends together in a secure square knot and then finish by tying the ribbon into a knot or decorative bow.

Now Go and look fabulous with your delicious new bling!

Here is a yellow one I made,,,,,makes me feel like i'm wearing sunshine!

Feb 12, 2010

That is a LOT of effort, my love.

I recently woke up to find this waiting in my fridge. And I just had to laugh and grab my camera. If I had to guess, the original milk carton got damaged.
(I never asked, didn't really want to know.) There are so many things that are funny about this picture.

My husband put so much effort into labeling the milk.

First of all let me say, our Whole milk and 2% milk NEVER switch places. I don't have to look at the label to know that the Whole milk for Harry is ALWAYS on the right side of the door. But, they are labeled and not with just a sharpie as perhaps I would have done. Not with just a post it note, but a half of a post it note. And it's not just stuck on there to later fall off, it is loving bound with a rubber band.

It makes me feel special to know he put so much effort into this project, it also makes me giggle just a little too.

So, my love, thanks for the unexpected giggle every time I open the fridge.


Feb 10, 2010

Bad egg

Maybe I'm just slow,,,but I never knew how to tell if my eggs were old. So when I saw a lady on T.V. tell me that if an egg is over three weeks old and you suspect it my be old, see if it floats.
Sooo, I tried it and VIOLA it worked.

Feb 8, 2010

Red Hot Momma - TUTORIAL

Grab a simple shirt of your color choice
Use a disappearing ink seamstress pen to draw a heart.  It is important to do this with the shirt on while looking in a mirror. 
{to avoid have the heart on your boob :)}

Measure your heart and cut approx double the ribbon
ie: My heart is 10inches, I used approx 20inches of ribbon

Baste the ribbon
Holding the bobbin thread,pull your ribbon to the desired length

Pin the roused ribbon to your shirt

Sew it with a machine or just tack it down

VIOLA Your DONE and ready for Valentines Day!

Now go and be FABULOUS!

Don't forget about those Ugly Undies

Feb 5, 2010

GIRLS ONLY - Take the Ugly Undies Challenge!

Challenge: Say NO to Ugly Undies
Time Frame: 7 Days
Goal: Purge your drawer of Ugly Undies! 
This morning my underwear drawer had indigestion.  It apparently has decide to revolt against all the ugly undies it is being forced to contain.

So, I have pledged to get rid of all the worn out undies that have faithfully severed me. I'm am adult and have no excuse for holding on to underwear with holes, stains, broken down waistbands and other random catastrophes. I have no grand delusions of replacing them with super expensive and uncomfortable lingerie,,, I found several very sensible, cute, and budget friendly pairs at Target.
Just say NO to Ugly Undies
Take the Pledge!
Repeat after me:
"I promise to say NO to Ugly Undies and purge my drawer of all things broken down.  I will do this within 7 Days or suffer the consequences of being know as the Ugly Undies Lady"

Feb 4, 2010

Kids felt Cuff - TUTORIAL

 This cute Kids Felt Cuff is a perfect accessory for Valentine's day!
Make a bunch and give them away.
So easy and quick!
Supplies: Whatever you have just lyin' round!
Cut a piece of felt that will fit your child. My daughter is 4, so I cut it 7x2
Attach the No-Sew Velcro dots
Trim sides with patterned crafting scissors.
 Attach embellishments of your choice. 
The possibility are endless!
My daughter thinks that 
if 1 is good, 3 is better,,,ummm,,errr, not so much baby girl.

Feb 3, 2010

I need YOU!

I need your opinion!
I got these cutie little jars at the thrift store the other day. I have no idea what to use them for, I just knew they were too spectacular to pass up.
What would YOU use them for?

Feb 1, 2010

Hello February

January 2010 is gone, and February is here. I love the end of the month when I get to wipe my calendar clean. I get satisfaction from wiping away all the chores that I had to do, and getting to remember all the play dates and fun activities. But then I get snapped back into reality when I have to fill in the agenda for February. Ugh it's already so full and we haven't even begun.
The best event of January 2010 Celebrating my 30th Birthday with a Girls Getaway!
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