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Feb 1, 2010

Hello February

January 2010 is gone, and February is here. I love the end of the month when I get to wipe my calendar clean. I get satisfaction from wiping away all the chores that I had to do, and getting to remember all the play dates and fun activities. But then I get snapped back into reality when I have to fill in the agenda for February. Ugh it's already so full and we haven't even begun.
The best event of January 2010 Celebrating my 30th Birthday with a Girls Getaway!


AlyGatr said...

Ah...30...I remember you so well :) How cool you got to have a Girl's jealous! I do the weekly planner thing. Seeing the whole month full in front of me stresses me out. I like only having to worry about one week at a time...then I get to turn a new page every Sunday.

Husband said...

thanks for always being so organized!
i love having that calendar!
i really need some of your organization skills to rub off on me!

Leanne said...

me too......will you come organize my stuff??

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