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Feb 26, 2010

9 Questions with PerryJayne Handmade


What is your "Go-To Meal" when you have forgotten to plan anything for dinner? Green Chili & Cheese enchiladas. I keep everything on hand for these and they can be ready in 25 minutes.  
Where have you always wanted to travel to? Hawaii  
What is your number one time saving tip? Lay out everyone's clothes the night before church or any morning appointment. I'm shocked that if I don't do this, we will be running very behind.  
What do you to to treat yourself? Eat ice cream or drink pop while looking at blogs during the kids naptime.  
What piece of advice would you give to a fellow mother? Try to focus on the big picture. My true calling in life is to raise my children to be loving, compassionate, and responsible people. Taking time to instill our families values in the littlest things throughout the day will ultimately be what shapes who they are...not the projects I made or keeping an immaculate house. 
Do you clean your own house? LOL. Yep, if ANYTHING is clean in this house it's because I cleaned it.  
What was your first job? Babysitting  
What one item in your kitchen could not live without?  
I found out during our last move because I seemed to not find some of my kitchen boxes for awhile. That the only things I needed were one pan, one pot, and a spatula. I was able to make almost anything with just those. Now my FAVORITE kitchen gadget would be my pampered chef chopper. It's fabulous. 
If you only had one day left to craft, what would you make? I'd love to finish the quilt I started for my little baby due in June.


Mandi said...

I am thinking we might need a recipie for these enchiladas! Yum!

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

They are yummy. I'll post a recipe for the Enchiladas on my blog later today.

Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

Posted the Enchilada recipe

AlyGatr said...

I'm dying to have some green chili enchiladas...but I'm too lazy to make them!!!

Leanne said... everyone wants enchiladas! i <3 perryjayne!! said...

mmmm, PIZZA!

lol, no no, just kidding! wow, great recipe, must try it! thanks for posting!


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