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Feb 25, 2010

9 Questions with AlyGatr's Everywhere

AlyGatr's Everywhere

What is your "Go-To Meal" when you have forgotten to plan dinner?
For the kids ...I hate to admit it, but Tyson frozen chicken nuggets. Pop those babies in the oven...pair them up with a fruit or veggie and some kind of rice or pasta side...and we're good. For my hubby and I...baked boneless chicken breasts...a rice or pasta side and a veggie. I know I need to come up with a better "in a pinch" meal for us so I don't have to hear "baked chicken...AGAIN???"

Where have you always wanted to travel to?

Ireland...hands down. I love the accents...I want to see castles...maybe go fairy hunting...and of course, there's the scenery. Someday...SOMEDAY I'll get there.

What is your number one time saving tip?

Take two seconds to put it back where you found it! I see people waste tons of time tearing up the house trying to find misplaced things...not to mention making more work for themselves cleaning up the mess afterward. If you put things where they belong, you always know where they are :)

What do you to to treat yourself?

What is this thing you call "treat myself"?? I don't get to do it often, but occasionally The Man takes the kids out for the morning on a Saturday and I do things like go to the salon and get my haircut, then go to Barnes and Noble near the mall, drink some Starbucks and rifle through the crafting books and magazines. I'm sure the bookstore people are glad I don't do it often...since I rarely buy the things I look through. I'm sure they're thinking "Go to the library you deadbeat. It's less than a half mile away!"

What piece of advice would you give to a fellow mother?

Even though it sounds like a good idea sometimes, don't sell your kids on eBay. Hold on to them, they might be useful someday...possibly even worth something. KIDDING. I have a great piece of advice...but it's one I'm guilty of NOT following myself :) Cut yourself some slack if you don't get it all done every day. There are few things if left undone today that can't be done just as well tomorrow.

Do you clean your own house?

Until I hit the Power-ball...sadly, yes. Do I do it well...depends who you ask. We did have Merry Maids in last week to do an early "spring cleaning". It felt weird to sit here while other people cleaned my house...though, I'm sure in time I could get used to it!!!

What was your first job? I need to relive that?? My senior year in high school I got my first job at...Taco Bell. I have four words for you...brown...polyester...double...knit. Oh and one more...hairnet. BARF. After one day I went home and begged my mom to let me quit. My dad's comeback...until I found a different job I was SOL (OK, so he didn't use those exact words!). Two weeks later I got hired at Sears in the mall...where I worked until I graduated college. I was so scarred I refused to step foot in a Taco Bell for three years...until the tacos called me back...or maybe it was the cinnamon crisps.

What one item in your kitchen could not live without?

My dishwasher. I'm not even sure there's anything in my kitchen that's a close second. Well...maybe the nuker. Yeah...I'm that lazy.

If you only had one day left to craft, what would you make?

OK, that question is not easy peasy!!!! Hmm..............if, on that day, I could get a hold of a metal smith to show me how to do real metal work, I'd make some bitchin ring...maybe something that could have my kids' name on it.



LiEr said...

So much fun getting to know you, Alyssa!

Leanne said...

Tyson frozen chicken!!!! this is my type of gal! :D

loved the interview, Alyssa!!

Erica said...

I love reading Aly's blog too! what a fun interview, and what awesome answers. I wish I had a dishwasher. (I mean, other than my husband)

AlyGatr said...

Oh hey, it's me! I love how interviews make you sound so much more interesting than you really are...or maybe when the interviewee is me :) Thanks for letting me play along! said...

lol, i agree, your kids might one day be useful, so dont sell them! :D


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