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Feb 12, 2010

That is a LOT of effort, my love.

I recently woke up to find this waiting in my fridge. And I just had to laugh and grab my camera. If I had to guess, the original milk carton got damaged.
(I never asked, didn't really want to know.) There are so many things that are funny about this picture.

My husband put so much effort into labeling the milk.

First of all let me say, our Whole milk and 2% milk NEVER switch places. I don't have to look at the label to know that the Whole milk for Harry is ALWAYS on the right side of the door. But, they are labeled and not with just a sharpie as perhaps I would have done. Not with just a post it note, but a half of a post it note. And it's not just stuck on there to later fall off, it is loving bound with a rubber band.

It makes me feel special to know he put so much effort into this project, it also makes me giggle just a little too.

So, my love, thanks for the unexpected giggle every time I open the fridge.



mandi said...

bahahahaha! men are so funny.

AlyGatr said...

Nice work! My hubby wouldn't have even bothered. Then again, since everyone in our house drinks 1%, it's not all that much of an issue.

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