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Feb 10, 2010

Bad egg

Maybe I'm just slow,,,but I never knew how to tell if my eggs were old. So when I saw a lady on T.V. tell me that if an egg is over three weeks old and you suspect it my be old, see if it floats.
Sooo, I tried it and VIOLA it worked.


mandi said...

ah! I am so glad I know this now!

husband said...

that's cool. i had no idea.

Leanne said...

i didn't now either!! bad eggs when you see eggs floating in the fountain in old town, don't touch 'em!!

BleuRoo said...

Ohh, good trick. I don't use eggs a ton so sometimes I forget how old they are.

Missy-Ellen said...

Haha, just the other day I was wondering how to find this out! Cool, I'll have to give it a shot next time :)

senioritis said...

definitely didn't know this, excellent tip. we learn something new everyday ;)

Tayla B. Design said...

Oh yes! I just learned about this not too long ago. I never gave it a try though.

Thanks again for showing me what you can do on Picnik! I think I've been playing around on there ever since. ;)

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