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Feb 19, 2010


Sometimes I want to shout at the world "Leave me alone, I'm a GROWN UP". But, the very fact that I want to scream this at times, just solidifies the notion that I am in fact NOT a grown up. This concept works in many ways: If you have to tell people how much power you have, chances are you have very little. If you have to tell people how much money you have, chances are you don't have much. If you have to constantly convince others how smart you are, you probably aren't a smartie. If you spend time trying to act spiritual, you probably need to talk to God a little more (ouch that one hurt) Oh the list could go on and on and on....But I will step off my soap box now. For now I will go on as a child masquerading as a grown up. And like any real grown up would do, when frustrated with life, I grabbed a pair of scissors and took it out on my hair... Oh wait, that is what a child does....


Leanne said...

your hair looks COOT! when i visualize myself, i always think i'm 10. what does that mean????

Melissa at said...

Your hair looks very cute...and very grown up. :)

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