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Feb 22, 2010

Quotes to Live By

"Smile with your face mom, not the camera" Emma, age 3

"This isn't the zoo!" Husband

"When your hubby never tells you what he wants, sometimes he gets what he doesn't want." Gina Entz

"Forget about what people think and do what works for you" Tyler Ramsey

"Instead of following my dreams, I'm just going to ask them where they are going and catch up with them later" Mitch Hedberg

"Justh ignore them Iris" Ira, Friendship Fields

"Cupcakes are the Devil" Abby, A Feathered Nest

"it's POOP!" My Momma
"But I don't want to use my time wisely" Anna Marie Horner

(referring to Jersey Shore) "I can't get enough of those charming little tool bags" Emily Santos-Silva

WOW! I get to give birth AND change diapers! Anne Taintor


husband said...

wow, i made your blog! i feel so special!

Dyche Designs said...

Cupcakes really are the devil . . . great quotes.

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