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Mar 1, 2010

9 Questions with Homemade by Jill

Full-time momma, Part-time crafter
homemade by jill

What is your "Go-To Meal" when you have forgotten to plan dinner?

This happens frequently, as I am not a great meal planner. My go-to meal is usually some kind of pasta, but I'll make a cheese sauce or pesto from scratch to go with it.

Where have you always wanted to travel to?

What is your number one time saving tip?
You're asking the wrong person ... I'm more of a "procrastinate now, panic later" kind of gal.

What do you to to treat yourself? get some frozen yogurt

What piece of advice would you give to a fellow mother?

Do you clean your own house?

What was your first job?

In my 'tween years I engraved name tags for a fast food restaurant

What one item in your kitchen could not live without?

my dishwasher (which less than a week old ... I vow to never hand wash again!)

If you only had 1 day left to craft, what would you make?

something for myself. :)


1 comment: said...

I actually HAVE a printout of "Procrastinate Now, Panic Later" that I keep at my sewing desk :D ....then again, I also keep a print that says "I Am A Ninja" there too :D

(Of course the only ninja in MY house is the one that stops by when I blink to bring be a mysterious new mountain of laundry.....)

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