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Mar 13, 2009

I think in TWEET!

This morning as I was showering alone with my thoughts. (I usually have to shower with an 8 month old who thinks shower time = nursing time, or a 3 year old who tells me I'm lumpy) I realized I think in TWEET. As a mother I often only have conversations with my kids which means I have a severe deficit when it comes to knowing how to communicate with adults. This however is starting to change,,,, well sort of. Thanks to technology, all the thoughts that run through my head are now in the form of TWEETS. If I have a small thought, it's a Tweet on Twitter. If I have a complete sentence thought, it's a status update on Facebook. If I have a paragraph thought, It's a blog on here. So my big question is: Am I alone in this predicament, or do you "think in TWEET" too?

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