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Apr 27, 2009

Crafting Schizophrenia

Lately I have been so indecisive when it comes to my crafting. I have been stock piling patterns, material, and ideas. Not really finishing anything. I can't figure out what is going on! Am I bored? Am I overwhelmed and thus just jumping for thing to thing? Am I avoiding something? Am I stressed. HELP! My wallet and brain can't take anymore brainstorming! I need to stop and focus on a project! This week alone I have made: 6 Hair Bows 3 Skits (none of which actually fit me, stupid pattern) 2 dresses for my daughter Diaper Clutch for my son I have purchased supplies for the following projects: 3 new dress patterns 1 2 3 12 dish towels 2 head bands 16 new rolls of Grosgrain ribbon buttercup purse pattern Tank top Tote Felt food


Tea said...

Hehe I've been feeling the same way lately! There are too many projects I have to try that I'm a little lost on where to start!

AlyGatr said...

I am SO there too. Even though my shop is full of jewelry, lately I've strayed off into making wire jewelry and card holders...and making wedding tiaras (no idea why I'm obsessed with them!)...then I spent the better part of a day doing some collage art...and then I tackled hairbows the other day. Maybe it's PMS????

ShellyStout said...

Tea: I too am addicted to looking for cool tutorials,,, Hmmm this could be part of my problem!

AlyGatr: Love your blog! Can I use your "profile" Idea on my kiddos?

The Artistic Blogger said...

This is me too--I am doing all these variations of my art...and not sticking to what I am 1-really good at and 2--enjoy 3-is easy.

Back to my regular art next week. But sometimes, you just want to glue buttons on canvas and add inspirational quotes, right!?

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