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Jun 2, 2009

Lemonade with Norma

I have a lovely neighbor named Norma. Emma is always so interested in her because she is retired and thus stays home like us. Emma loves to wave at her and watch her work in her garden. So when Norma asked if we would like to come over for some lemonade, we made some cookies and headed over!
We drank some Lemonade, ate some cookies and read a book We played a little Hide and Seek We explored Norma's yard We had a great time, Thanks Norma!


Party MOMster said...

I'm having a busy week of wrapping things up as school for older two and the youngest is getting over being sick. Your post is such a sweet snapshot of a day I hope to have this summer. Thanks for sharing and I never thought to connect with my retired neighbors. Norma seemed to enjoy your company.

AlyGatr said...

My Amelia is fascinated with my next door neighbor DeeAnn. She occasionally looks out my front window to check out when she is home from work and begs to see her every chance she gets. I think it's so cute! Looks like you guys have fun with your neighbor :)

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