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Jun 4, 2009

Snail Mail Treats

I LOVE snail mail. Our mail box is down the street and around the corner for us. So, if I'm going to make the trek up there, there better be something waiting for me. Coupon, Junk, Bill, I don't care, just SOMETHING! Luckily I have a friend who loves genuine, hand written, authentic, mail too. Which means on occasion, I get an absolute treat. When she phoned to say she had sent me a small package in the mail my heart began to beat wildly! Oh a package, for Moi? YIPPEE! When It arrived I tore it open to find all sorts of goodies for my daughter and I!
This is a lovely little needle case. She knows how I have been storing my needles (not properly to say the least) and made this for me. It is so cute and will keep my needles safe. She also sent along this "Children's Needle" for Emma. Emma loves sewing with me and doing "Craps" (crafts) I can't wait to help her sew with this! This is a Sugar Cookie and Spoon Set that she made for Emma to go along with our other Felt Food. This adorable little headband makes me just swoon. It is so lovely and summery! She sells them in her shop and I was so honored that she gave one to me for FREE. I'm the luckiest girl in the world! I think I will have to talk her into doing a GIVEAWAY! hint hint
So here's the moral of the story: I know you have at least on person you can send a piece of mail to. Brighten there day and send them something.
Thanks for making my day Melissa!


jennuinecandles said...

What a good friend! We all need at least one of those and we all need to be one of those friends, as well.

Melissa at said...

Oh, You are Welcome. You should have mentioned that you also send me treats in the mail occasionally too. It sure is fun!

Camille said...

What fun with the mail!! Ok, i feel a little rediculous Shelly! I didn't know you were SO crafty! Are you a knitter? I am and I LOVE it... so relaxing....ha...the little things you learn each day! I'm following you now... :)

Tourmaline2777 said...

You have been awarded the 'One Lovely Blog Award', for details please visit

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