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Jul 20, 2009

Purble Indrumists

Ladies and Gentleman, I have the distinct privileged of introducing you to the newest, officially done, member of the Summer Reading Program.......... MISS EMMA! Okay that may be a tad dramatic, but in our house it has been a huge deal. All summer we have been keeping track and writing down all the books we read. Emma knew one of the prizes was some "purble indrumists" and boy did that motivate her. We reached our goal and claimed our prizes! Her completed reading list! Great job baby! Emma and Harry got to put their stars on the window. Even now as I type this and look at the picture, I can feel her pride.
Harry was there too, and thrilled to pieces to eat a graham cracker through the whole thing.
Thank you to everyone who read to my children here at our home, at your home, and over the phone. We couldn't have done it without you!


AlyGatr said...

Hey, Miss Emma has every reason to be proud! Good for her and YAY for their stars :)

Anonymous said...

That is great! And the summer isn't even over -- Emma sure was motivated!! Congrats!!

Camille said...

GREAT JOB EMMA!!!! Congrats mama!!! :) Our children are GENIUS'!!! BTW... EVERYONE loves that bandanna dress...everywhere she goes we get SO many compliments. It IS adorable!!! :)

Jen* said...

Awesome. I've been doing the summer reading program at the library with my kids for years. They love getting the prize at the library each week, but I think it's a great idea doing a big prize at the end, too.

Anonymous said...
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