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Sep 24, 2009

Bad Idea Machine

Someone is putting quarters in the "Bad Idea Machine" again. Man, I thought we got rid of that thing,,,,hmmm my husband must have hid it in the garage behind his childhood hockey crap. Knowing full well, I would never look there! But, alas there it was this morning, sitting in my basement, right in the middle of the floor. And wouldn't ya know, he left for work, leaving my kids with free run of the "Bad Idea Machine". Dear Husband, I know you think it's a good idea to leave your weights in the middle of the floor because you will use them tomorrow too.....however this is a BAD IDEA! Resulting in, pinched fingers, stubbed toes and sore arms from having to lug them away. Love, Sore Armed Wife Dear Harry, I know you think it is a good idea to drink milk at 5:30am.....however this is a BAD IDEA! Please know that we your parents love you, but man we're tired. Love, Exhausted Mom & Dad Dear Emma, I know you think it's a good idea to play dress up, by stripping down to you skivvies and taking your hair down....However when this occurs 2.5 minutes before we leave to run errands it is a BAD IDEA! Love, On a Time Crunch Momma Dear Mother-in-Law I know you thought it was a good idea to get my daughter a microphone because she likes to entertain us all so much,,,however this is a BAD IDEA resulting in the amplification of ALL noises in my house. Love, Needing ear plugs and aspirin Dear Harry, I know you think it's a good idea to smash crackers on the kitchen floor,,,,however, this is a BAD IDEA. Love, Tired of being a Maid Momma Emma, I know you think it's a good idea to take all the Tupperware out of the cabinet so we can put the clean dishes away,,,,,,,,this is a BAD IDEA. They will all fit without you taking them all out. Thanks for the "help" Love, Tired of double the work Momma

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AlyGatr said...

Wow, I bet you didn't know they mass produce bad idea machines, then sneak them into our houses when we aren't looking. I think it's a conspiracy. When I discover how to make a "good idea" machine, I'll send you one! Thanks for the giggle :)

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