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Sep 17, 2009

Nana stole my Fuel

My tank was empty this morning and I didn't even know it until Emma and I had this conversation. Harry: girgle spit girgle da gergile dadada Emma: Mommy a is Harry happy? Me: Yes, baby. Are you Happy? Emma: Yup Me: Do you love Harry? Emma: Yes mom Me: Do you love Mommy? Emma: Yes Me: Can you tell Mommy? (I'm anxiously awaiting those sweet words "I love you mommy" I hear...) Emma: Mommy, I love Nana! Oh, my heart just sinks. I needed to hear those words so bad. While I could have told her exactly what to say, it just doesn't mean the same as when she offers them up on her own volition. Until Emma didn't say "I love you momma" I hadn't realized how empty my emotional fuel tanks were. I have been so busy dolling out the love and support, that I hadn't realized I was running so low myself. After a brief moment, I think, I'm so glad that Emma loves her Nana, she deserves it. SHE IS A GREAT NANA! From the moment Emma was born, Nana has been smitten with her "Darlin". I am blessed to be surround my so many loving people in my life. I am blessed to know that Emma is surrounded my so many loving people too. So Nana, here it is, you can steal my emotional fuel today. I hope you use it to bless the people around you.
Just as I am realizing all of this, the fuel light in my van blinks on. Thank you Lord for reminding me to fuel up emotionaly, spirtually, and physically.


husband said...

another great blog.
love ya babe!

our b life said...

nana's are great aren't they. I love how you say fuel up. Great post.

AlyGatr said...

How awesome your kids have such and awesome Nana. We are grandparent challenged...for various reasons. I envy anyone who has a good relationship with their grandparents.

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