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Dec 2, 2009

Single or Alligator

I have been cooking a lot lately, which means I have have been doing massive amounts of dishes. When I took my wedding ring off to roll out some dough the other day, this is what I found. My finger was red and dried out. OUCH! It hurts every time I put water on it. I haven't been wearing my rings for 3 days, my finger still doesn't feel better and now I just feel naked. I think I would prefer to be in public naked with my rings, errr umm maybe not. I'm not sure if God wants me to be single or just part alligator.


Tea said...

This happened to me too! I had to stop wearing my rings for 2 months until the skin healed... I think its because the dish soap gets trapped under the rings when you're washing. Now I'm just careful to make sure my hands are really dry (under the rings too).

JoMo said...

Ow! Poor you :( Like you, I feel too weird without my rings on. I'd use George's cream...I'm not sure if it's only available in Canada though!
Hope it gets better!

husband said...

maybe you need to save all the dishes for when your husband gets home. your hand looks better with that ring on it!
love you!

AlyGatr said...

Funny but my hands get dry everywhere BUT under my ring. I take mine off to clean them...and my hubby broke his about a year ago and we haven't found a replacement I figure if he can go ring free, then can I!

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