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Jan 9, 2010

30 wishes for my 30th

I turn 30 is just 3 short days, For my Birthday, I wish: 1: The bag boy at the grocery store would NOT put all my produce in ONE sack. 2: For a nite out, with a purse big enough to only hold the essentials (no goldfish, diapers, or toys allowed) 3: Certain hockey equipment would be thrown away. 4: The walls would finish painting themselves 5: My kids would sleep past 5:15am 6: The laundry would do its self 7: I could get a pedicure 8: I could have lunch with Melissa 9: I had quilters pins 10: My kids would eat a big pile of veggies 11: For a giant stack of vintage sheets 12: Emma's desk would sand it's self down 13: I could go just one day without seeing a stupid Spangles commercial 14: All sinful foods would magically be fat free 15: My husband could find his dream job 16: We had a fence 17: I could eat potato Ole's 18: Nobody could post stupid forwards on their facebook pages 19; My Etsy shop would get a sale 20: I could go antique/flea market shopping 21: My sewing machine would never jam 22: That my gas tank was full 23: For knitted hand/wrist warmers 24: I was attending a giant surprise party in my honor,,,I wish to not be the one to plan it either 25: Harry would say "Momma" 26: For a big pile of antique buttons 27: For a nanny 28: I had a lamp for my sewing room 29: I had no late fees at the library 30: I was spending my 30th Birthday on an island with palm trees, sunshine, and margaritas!

1 comment:

Melissa at said...

Well, you got #19 already. Whoo Hoo!
If I'd have seen this list prior to mailing off your card, I could have arranged to fulfill a wish or two. Happy Early Birthday!

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