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Mar 15, 2010

A letter I'd like to send,,,but won't

To whom it may concern at my OB-GYN's office.
     Please stop selling my name. I get that you probably get quit a few perks from this business, and most of the time I too enjoy the perks. However this time is different. I have been perpetually getting formula for 5 years because eveytime I get pregnant, you put me on "free crap and promotional junk mail I don't want" list.  While you may think this is a lovely list to be on, I beg to differ.  Please take a moment to pull my medical file from the shelf....I'll wait...okay got it? Now open it up,,,, and count how many times i have had a miscarriage. Whoa I bet your ran out of fingers. What you have failed to do is take me off of your "free crap and promotional junk mail I don't want" list when this unfortunate event occurs.  This results in me getting lots of  painful reminders that I don't have a baby.  And thanks to the thoughtfulness of the baby company's, they send me all these reminders about 8 months from my miscarriage. Just when I have put it behind me and moved on. Geee i'm a lucky girl, and my poor husband, OIY! He has to put up with a roller coaster of emotions from me for about a week. So please, take me off you list.
List of items I DON'T need because I DON'T have a baby right now:
The art of Feeding Booklet
Two cans of formula
A letter welcoming baby
$20.00 of formula coupons
Dad's survival guide

I will be giving the formula to a friend, but if anyone can use the coupons let me know. I'll be happy 
to send them to you, just Email Me


Melissa at Perry Jayne said...

I think you should really send it to your OB's office. They should be more sensitive.

Leanne said...

whoa shelly! i had no idea; i am so sorry about your loss. :( i agree with melissa, you really should send them that. they shouldn't be doing that and maybe others in similar situations will benefit from it too.

Kim said...

From another Mommy who has also suffered the losses of miscarriages, I feel your pain. However, I was always under the assumption the free stuff was coming from something I signed up for in my "Yay! I'm pregnant" moments when I wanted to receive the weekly/monthly updates on my pregnancy. If this is coming from your ob's office I would definitely send the letter!

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