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Mar 24, 2010


It's 11:09pm in the Stout home, everyone except me has been in bed a few hours now.  A moment ago Harry randomly woke up and started crying, so I rocked him.  He fell asleep and I kept rocking and rocking and rocking. He would have been fine to put back to bed after just a wee moment of love...but that little stinkbut is so intoxicating to me I just had to take advantage of the free snuggle time. While I was holding him all I could think about was how much I love the smell of sweaty hair, dried snot, dragon breath, and hot pee. I know I know GROOOSSS, but the upside is, it means I have a baby sleeping on my chest and that my friend is the greatest feeling EVER! Somehow the good Lord guarded my nose and just let me adore every ittybitty inch of my son in that sweet moment in time.
Now that moment is gone, but trapped in my heart forever.
I'm going to bed and all I can think about is how much I want to smell dried snot.

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Lori Danelle said...

My girls don't often wake up at night, which, true, is a blessing. But I cling to those rare moments when I'm needed at night! I remember rocking Peyton to help her get to sleep during all her reflux trouble as a baby. Now I've turned around and she's turning into a little girl! So now, as she sleeps & I hold her, I try to memorize everything about her and how she fits in my arms so perfectly—just the right height and just the right amount of baby chubbiness. I stay much longer than I need to, because any day now she's going to turn into this long skinny thing and no longer be my baby. She won't fit just right and she'll start to out-grow me—emotionally as well as physically. So I hold those moments when she still needs me close to my heart.

I think every Mom knows exactly what you mean. . .and kind of wants to go creep into their kids' room right now just to hold them tight.

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