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Sep 23, 2010

I hope they remember

My kids will not remember if i wore make-up everyday, or if my fashion was the latest trend.
They will not remember if my house was spotless or if each meal was gourmet.

With any luck, they will remember:
I was always there with a morning hug and kiss goodnight.
I was always there when the thunder boomed and the lighting crashed.
I always knew where the other shoe was hiding.
I knew just what blanket would keep them cozy at night.
I was always willing to rock them just a few minutes more.
I loved them more then life itself.

My kids will not remember how my husband stressed about providing for our family.
They will not remember what car he drove, or what kind of cell phone he had.
With any luck, they will remember:
He was always available to be a human jungle gym.
He was the ultimate tickle monster.
He knew how to scoop them up after a rough tumble.
He knew how to do all the coolest tricks on the scooter.
He knew the precise way to shew away monsters at night.
He was always willing to make popcorn and dance with them.
He loved them more then life itself.


Plantress said...

great post. They will remember the loving family and, in turn, will be able to love their own children fully.

rentz said...

There's no doubt they will know that you loved them. You are a good momma!

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