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Mar 30, 2009

The Race is ON!

Today is THE Day!
I joined this challenge hoping to get a little extra motivation to lose those final 10 pounds my son has blessed me with. So far,,,,,,,,,I'm off to a really lousy start. I am certain once the competition kicks into high gear, I will get motivated. Wow I think I just discovered a pro for being super competitive!
My Stats: Height: 5'6" Weight: 138 pounds Goal: 128 Weeks Remaining: 8 The Ups: I am planning of going to the gym.......key word being PLANNING! The Downs: I have had two cans of pop today. Darn that caffeine addiction.


Melissa at perry jayne clothesline and accessories said...

First of all, You are so brave to be in a bikini on the internet. Second, you look darn good in your bikini. I will not be caught dead in bikini....I was going to say until I lose 20 lbs, but even then these stretch marks aren't going anywhere.

Lucky Pebble said...

Hey! I think you look great right now, and kudos to you for going for that extra 10. You can do it.

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