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Mar 24, 2009

Up From The Ground Detox - Day 3

Mood: Thought about quitting today but I didn't, I'm excited for the next step New foods Emma has tried: Grapes, Broccoli What I Crave: Pop, Naan, Hummus Advantages: Emma thinks when I make a fruit smoothie that I am making Ice Cream. She gobbles it down. FANTASTIC! I can't wait until I allow myself to add some yogurt. Disadvantages: I realized today, that I reward myself with food. Realizing this has not been my most flatering moment. One of my favorite things to do is, if my kiddos are both sleeping I love to sit down with a nice glass of Dr. Pepper and read or watch tv. Eeekkk I really need to think of some other way to unwind, destress, and reward myself.

1 comment:

Lucky Pebble said...

My reward was a huge rootbeer float. Don't feel bad.

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