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Mar 22, 2009

Up From The Ground Detox

I have been feeling so sluggish and I think the source of conflict is my diet. Our family has been very busy and stressed lately,,,, thus leading to poor eating habits. We are skipping meals, eating out, and buying lots of junk food. I even let my daughter have Cheetos last week. With summer coming, I want to be in tip-top shape to take my kiddos to the pool and not feel gross. Hence this Detox. With Michael finding full time work, I am hoping to get our family back into our usual healthy habits of working out and making good choices with our food. To kick start this resurgence of heath, I have decided to rid my body of all the unhealthy toxins, additives, and perservitives I know are lurking around. Up From The Ground Detox Unlimited: If it grows up from the ground(or down in the ground), I'm eating it! Fruit Veggies Nuts (raw only) Water Limited Foods: 2 Eggs per day 2 Cups of Green tea (no added sugar) Off Limit Foods: EVERYTHING ELSE! No Carbs, grains, breads.... No Dairy No Alcohol, Pop, Coffee ....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

how long will you do this? i'm considering it....i just started exercising last week and eating healthy. i cannot believe how much energy i have.

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