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Jun 9, 2009


Today we had girls day out! We hired a babysitter for Harry and hit the town. We had a lovely lunch outside, and then went to the movies. We saw UP in 3D!
Emma is explaining to me about all the candy she "needs"


glitterstar said...

I thought my kids were the only ones that "need" candy. haha

Melissa at said...

I like how you, your mom, and Emma all color coordinated. :)
So which candy did you get for her?

esposo said...

you look hot in those glasses.. maybe you could get some to wear around the house.

Emily said...

Cool. I love girls' day out! You were probably at the theater when I was up there. Did Tiffany take your tickets? She is in a wheelchair.

Renee[Q][C] said...

I can't wait to see up in 3D! I think were going tomorrow night!

AlyGatr said...

FUN! My hubby stayed home sick today and while he and Merrick napped, Amelia and I got to play at our Lake Club pool by ourselves. Isn't "girls only" time fun???

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