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Aug 10, 2009

Mini Golf and Sonic make me happy

Last Friday night Mike and I had a date night ,,,,,, well sorta. We got a babysitter for Harry and took Miss Emma to play Mini Golf for the first time! We had a blast! Mike and Emma ventured down the twisty slide and played some arcade games. Emma won a Chinese Finger trap, that was hilarious to watch her play with. After we were finish, we headed to Sonic for our favorite cool down treats. Sonic always makes me happy. Emma tried a Cherry for the first time and decided to just lick it instead of eating it. All in all, a great evening with the family. I had forgotten how much fun my 3yr old can be, I'm usually too busy taking care of the 1yr old.


Dyche Designs said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. :0)

husband said...

that was such a fun evening! i love hanging out with you 2!

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