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Aug 7, 2009

Fingerprint Friday - God made Zebras

This past week I was doing some painting for a friends daughter. She requested Zebra Stripes on her bedroom wall. Wooozer! So I got to work. It took me a couple of day, and somewhere in the process God used it to teach me a lesson. Funny how that happens :) As I was meticulously painting and designing these giant zebra stripes on the wall, I was thinking about how God lovingly created us each individually "flaws" and all. Each stroke of my paintbrush was intentional. I believe when God created us, each brush stroke was and is intentional. I loved watching the wall come together and I think God likes watching us grow in his flawless design too.
Fingerprint Friday was created by Beki as a way for us to be reminded of God's presence in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful wall and beautiful thoughts. Enjoy your handiwork!

rentz said...

We'll be painting the kids' rooms as soon as the mudding and taping is done. How are you at soccer balls and the Jayhawk? : )

Great fingerprint friday!

ShellyStout said...

I would love to try soccer balls and jayhawks,,,,,,,,,however I know your hubby (or someone he knows) probably can do a much better job! Maybe you can talk him into designing something you can print out and stick on the walls?

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