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Aug 15, 2009

I'm a Super Smartie!

So my 3yr old has been driving me a little nuttos lately. She asks "Why Momma?" about a hundred times an hour! This morning, as I was relishing in the joy of having two wait, scratch that and lets try again. This morning as I was going crazy from all the questions, I knew I had to find a solution. So, I asked Emma if she wanted "Special Closed Door Time". She isn't allowed to close her bedroom door, because she does it with such force that I know she would chop of Harry's tiny little fingers if she did. So, I got out an alarm clock and set it for 10 minutes. I stated that once the buzzer went off she had to open the door. I also told her that if she did anything naughty, she would never get "Special Closed Door Time" again. Well, it worked! She played so well, that even after the door was opened, she kept playing. THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR ME! This was a huge accomplishment for Emma because she hates playing by herself. I was so proud of her and can't wait to try it again tomorrow.....perhaps for 15 minutes :) I olny wish I could have a peephole in her door to see what she was doing.
************************************** I put Harry in the Exersaucer to watch Dora, and I actually got my hair and Make-up done in peace!
This is what I found when I went to get her. She had made a bed for all her babies. Sooo sweet!


husband said...

that was a great idea babe! you're such a good mom to harry & emma.. we are so blessed to have you!

Princess Caitlin said...

aaw! So cute. :)
What a great idea!!

Camille said...

you ARE a genius!!! i bet you could at least 'sort of' take your time doing your hair and make must have felt like a mini vacation!

AlyGatr said...

WOW, lucky momma. I try to get Amelia to play by herself and she just gets disgruntled and tells me that I need to play with her. I still haven't found the right angle yet :)

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