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Aug 14, 2009

Fingerprint Friday - Frazzled

To say this week has been stressful is the understatement of the century. I haven't slept much, I haven't eaten much, and I feel helpless. I knew that at some point I was going to have a meltdown, but I have been doing my darnedest to push it away. Well my emotions got the better of me this morning and I had minor breakdown at the grocery store. I couldn't locate the Chick-Peas and I began to cry. Shouldn't they be next to the regular peas? Well, they are not. Thankfully a kind grocery store clerk helped my locate them before I had a complete meltdown. And as I was standing in line to check out I was trying to gather myself a little. (to avoid more starring strangers) Then I looked up and staring at me straight in my face was Oprah.
Thank you Lord for the gentle reminder that you are always with me, and that with your help I can make it through any situation that comes my way. Thank you for telling me " You're stronger then you know". It's exactly what I needed.
Fingerprint Friday was created by Beki as a way for us to be reminded of God's presence in our lives.


Erica said...

God is always faithful to send the gentle reminders to us, isn't He?

artsyclay said...

God is good at reminding us of what's important ... in my case to lighten up! A couple of times recently I was having trouble sleeping and worried about having to get up early to get to work on time.

My youngest son (who is grown and married now) when he was little would always say, "Mom, look at the time!" and the clock would say some sequence of numbers, like 1234. He is always so funny and makes me laugh.

So BOTH nights when I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the clock, it said "444" which made me think of my son and laugh...and I'd go back to sleep, reassured that God would wake me up on time. He did.

Melissa at said...

The Lord is our strength. He is in you and He is all powerful. I'll be praying. I'm always here too, to listen, laugh, or tell you where you might find the chick-peas. Love you.

Camille said...

oh shelly...i wanted to give you a hug when i read how stressed you were about the chick peas! only girls understand this here's a hug a little late! hug!

Brenda said...

I think we can all relate to dayz like that. I hope the next one I have, I get blessed with Words of Wisdom staring me in the eyes too LOL.
Great fingerprint friday post! I hope your day got easier from that point on.

PamperingBeki said...

I love when a message like that pops up just when I need it! God is good.

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