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Aug 13, 2009

Toy Round UP!

CHARGE: Runaway VERDICT: GUILTY Mr. Hammer Toy has runaway from his tool box home to pursue a life in the TV bashing industry. He is known for his banging and bashing abilities. He may seek work in construction. (may be wearing a disguise and posing as a Mexican)
CHARGE: Vandalism VERDICT: GUILTY Miss Baby Stroller is guilty of vandalizing my home. She is know for her artistic marks on my walls. She may seek work in the demolition industry. (be advised :suspect is very fast and may be on the move)
CHARGE: Public Disturbance VERDICT: GUILTY La Guitara is a violently annoying toy. Most likely to be found in a bar using the pick up line "I play my guitar, who will sing in my band?" Is fluent in both English and Spanish.
CHARGE: Reckless Abandoment VERDICT: GUILTY Funny Farm has abandoned it's Duck, thus leaving the sensor exposed to light. Funny Farm is not so funny at 2:00 am when the sensor is going off because the duck is missing. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you see any of these toys, please be advised: These toys are extremely addicting to children and extremely annoying to adults.

1 comment:

AlyGatr said...

OMG, we have that puzzle and I hate myself for ever buying it. I have it hidden and one of these days I think it needs to find its way to Goodwill to bother some other family!

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