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Aug 3, 2009

tired, dirty, hungry,,,,,,,,,,,BLESSED!

The pantry is bare,
My kids have full bellies.
The bathtub is dirty, My kiddos are clean. The furniture is worn, My kids have refuge in this home. The laundry is piled high, My kids have clothing. The gas tank is empty, My kids have seen the world. The bank account is low, I get to stay home with my kids. The beds are unmade, My house is a mess, but all of this reminds me I AM BLESSED!


husband said...

i agree! and i'm blessed to have you!!!

AlyGatr said...

It's nice to see the positive side of the coin...says the lady who just put away all the clean laundry :)

Melissa at said...

Love that. You're such a talented writer. Thanks for the reminder that we are so blessed.

Sophia said...

hi! I LOVE this!
would you mind if I post in on my blog? I will definately link it back to hear ,but I want to share it with my friends who I am sure can benefit from that reminder :)

thanks for letting me know...

ShellyStout said...

Sophia, Have at it girl. I'm delighted that you want to post it on your blog!

PamperingBeki said...

That is beautiful!

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