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Nov 11, 2009

Block Bag SCARE

My daughter came to me this morning coughing and gagging, because her block bag was around her NECK! EEEk I freaked out. I was less then 15 feet from her and this happened. I immediately cut the draw string out and threw it in the trash! I could have just dumped the blocks into the toy box, but what fun is that,,,,so I made her a new block bag, with NO DRAW STRING! An easy fix would have been to just thread some elastic through the existing casing, but if I was going to change it, I wanted it to be pretty. Plus my daughter loves toting them around by the before mentioned drawstring, so I knew I needed a handle. Annnnyywho, here is what I came up with. I just laid out the existing bag and made a case for it, a Velcro closure, and nice SHORT and wide strap.
From one momma to another
Please, if you have a bag like this, take out the drawstring!


Lori Danelle said...

I had never thought of that! How scary!! And besides, a bit of Anna Marie is much better than the boring muslin bag our blocks came in. I think I've just added another project to my list.

Melissa at said...

LOVE the block bag. Glad Emma has a safe bag now.
It's so pretty. How can you not love Anna Maria Horner Fabric?! So gorgeous to make anything out of.

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