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Jan 20, 2010

Thoughts and Theories

1. For every hour you are up earlier then usual, you get an extra cup of coffee. 2. Poop can be washed off. 3. It's okay to treat yourself once in awhile. 4. You can always make more money, and lose more weight, so enjoy life today. 5. I'll sleep when I'm dead, for now I'm going to live life to the fullest! 6. I only have as much strength as God gives me,,,,I have more strength then I realize. 7. If you want to have more friends, you have to stick your neck out. 8. Being reliable is respect in it's purest form. 9. Mac & Cheese and Hot dogs,,,, Great lunch. 10. Learn to make biscuits, sew on a button, and build a fire. 11. Your children will wake up a little older tomorrow, relish every moment of TODAY. 12. Your home is only as happy as the grumpiest person it in,,,,don't be the grump. 13. If PBS would put a news crawl on the screen I would be more aware of current world events 14. Anniversary, Birthday, & Valentines Day's Cards to and from your spouse should be presented before breakfast.


Tina said...

you had me until the sleep when i'm dead comment. i considered clicking to the next blog in my reader, but kept on..7 is a life lesson & 8 is the best (husband taught me that one)

CAPow! said...

I love this list!

husband said...

great list! 11 is my favorite!

AlyGatr said...

#9 and #13 are my favs. I think Kraft Mac N Cheese is just about the best food ever..well, next to pizza and cheesecake.

Melissa at said...

I think a news crawl on PBS kids shows is a great idea.

queenbbeee said...

Thanks for sharing I needed that today!

I just found ur blog and am really enjoying it, thanks for all the great tips!

BTW, i love ur hiar cut, did u do it ur self?
It looks great on you!

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