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Jan 26, 2010

Too much chatter for talk

Dear Talk Radio Shows, I want to thank you for your years of service to me during my morning commute to work. I loved you so much. You made me laugh, feel inspired, and I looked forward to our daily time together. However the times are a changin'. I can no longer get a moments worth of silence into my day and I have come to loath your very existence. I now have a 4yr old who feels the need to chatter constantly. I have too much chatter in my life for talk. When the two of you are going on and on at the same time I think my head might explode. So, Talk Radio Shows,,, I have to say goodbye. Maybe I will catch up with you in the future. For now I am going to hang onto my sanity and listen to just the chatter, and perhaps a little background music. Oh and if you could tell your friend Radio Commercial to quiet down, that would be spectacular. Much Love, Shelly


rentz said...

thanks for the laugh!

AlyGatr said...

I've just given up on radio completely. As it is, my 4 year old commandeered the tunes long ago. It's all Princess songs...all the time.

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