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Jun 11, 2009

"Hi my name is Shelly, and I'm addicted to Facebook"

My lovely blogger friend Alyssa posted an interesting blog about facebook this morning and it got me thinking, yea I'm addicted to Facebook, and I don't care who knows it. Okay addicted is not a strong enough word! As I am writing this blog I have two windows open on my computer, Blogger and Facebook. It is the first thing I check in the morning and anytime throughout the day when I get 5mins. Ialso probably say "google it" about ten times a day. Oh, and I also "think in tweet" I think for us stay at home mommas it's a way for us to stay in touch with reality and take a break from sippy cups and dirty diapers. I would be lost if I couldn't find out "whats on your mind". I wonder if some day there will be a "Facebook Anonymous"? "Hi my name is Shelly and I'm addicted to facebook"


Leanne said...

addicted to facebook? how ridiculous! oh, by the way, i came over here because i saw the link in your facebook status. :D

glitterstar said...

I totally agree. Too funny! I've been thinking about writing a blog post titled "Hello my name is Jessi and I'm addicted to Twitter"

AlyGatr said...

Hee hee...maybe we should start a Facebook 12 Step program? Then again, I don't want to break the habit, so we can all be addicted together :) I have avoided Twitter like the plague because I'd never walk away from my computer!

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